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 The Terpsichorean Dance Company, formally named the Hampton Institute Creative Dance Group, was founded by Charles Holston Williams in 1934 at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. The name was changed in 1968. This was voted on by the students at that time. The name Terpsichorean means a group of dancers and derives from the word Terpsichore, the Greek muse of dance & music. The company is the longest- running dance organization on Hampton University’s campus and the 1st African American touring company in the country.  The company is traditionally based on modern and negro spiritual movements, now commonly referred to as the “Terps” it has added to that foundation and it's filled with an array of dance styles; such as jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary and liturgical movements.   All company members audition during their undergraduate years of Hampton University in the Fall within the 1st month of the semester. The company has two Concerts a year and performs at many on- campus sanctioned events (Pageants, Parent's Weekend, Homecoming Parade, Fashion Shows, Basketball Games, High School Day, etc.) & community events per request/availability.

Complete the Performance Request Form a minimum of 2 weeks before requested event. We will get back to you promptly with availability. 

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Company auditions are held once a year for undergraduate students. Candidates will be  critiqued on across the floor combinations and dance routine(s). The company will be looking for technique, personality, good energy and ability to pick up material quickly & correctly.


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Located at Hampton University- Jerome Holland Hall- Dance Studio- Room 120

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